About Us

As an honorary college degree recipient, I know both sides of the stage, and recognize this as a once in a lifetime opportunity.

For 42 years we have listened to our customers and learned what they need.  We have 2 bosses, the school we are working with and the customers who purchase the photographs. We have photographed 2.5 million graduates all across The United States.  From M.I.T. on the east coast to Pepperdine University on the west coast, many of our schools have been with us for over 40 years.

Our photography staff is second to none. 98% of our photographers have at least 5 years of experience, and some have over 40 years.  99% of them work with me year round. This means great photographers for the school and the graduates.

I know how important a graduation photograph is, not only for the parent, but also to the graduate who has worked so hard to receive this special recognition in their life.  Being the proud parent of 3 wonderful young women, each of their graduation photos are proudly displayed in my office.

Congratulations to the graduates and their families. And if you’re a school administrator looking for more information about our services, please send us an email or call our office.


Jack O’Connor

President & founder of Commencement Photos Inc.

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