Frequently Asked Questions

How will you know who I am?

Our photographers take everyone’s photograph. Using a multi-step identification process, we match the graduate’s name with their image.

What if I move after I graduate?

If you’re mailing in your order, cross out the address and print the new address you want the photos sent to. If you’re ordering over the phone, please be sure to mention you have a change of address.

What if I am not satisfied with my photograph?

Return your order to our office for a full refund (less postage and handling).

How many photographs should I order?

Remember how important this moment is for your friends, relatives and loved ones who have supported you. Pictures are a great way to say thank you.

What is lamination?

Lamination is a flexible, clear coating that helps protect your photos from fading and moisture.

What are folders?

Our folders are a black, linen weave that offer excellent protection when mailing or giving the photograph as a gift.

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