"We have had Commencement Photos, Inc. at our Commencements for almost twenty years. It has been a pleasure. You have always been professional, cooperative, and never in the way in our dealings with you. You have always been an oasis of calm, relieving tremendous pressure from my burdened mind" - MIT (Mary Morrisey)

"On behalf of Yale Law School, I would like to thank you for the beautiful pictures you took at our commencement"…. - YALE LAW (Ziha Shaffer)

"Even the first year, when it must have felt like they were being trampled by a herd of unidentified beasts, your photographers held their ground and took excellent pictures with good humor under difficult circumstances"… - UNIVERSITY

"Once again we were impressed by the professional manner under which CPI carried out its mission of photographing WPI graduates"… - WORCESTER POLYTECH (Janet Begin Richardson)

"The camera was totally unobtrusive and did not detract from the graduation procedures in any way"… - HARVARD LAW (William L. Bruce)

"With our crowded stage and long list of graduates your photographers were able to capture every moment of the ceremony, as well as all our graduates."… - WHEELOCK (Debbie Stogel)

"Frankly, from my perspective, it makes for a much nicer graduation ceremony when there is just one qualified professional photographer taking all the pictures, rather than a number of parents scurrying about and blocking the view."… - MILLIS HIGH SCHOOL (Paul Brunelle)

"I am sincerely pleased to have this opportunity to commend your efforts in bringing the high degree of professionalism that has truly served to enhance our graduation exercises…It has truly been a pleasure to know that your company could always be counted upon, without exception." … - MASSASOIT COMMUNITY COLLEGE (John Otis)

"Thank you for the hard work you have done on the behalf of our students. The memories you preserve for them are precious to all of us."… - BOSTON COLLEGE SCHOOL OF EDUCATION (Sr Mary Alyce Gilfeather)

"Parents appreciate the assurance that a professional shot of their child receiving a diploma will be available soon after the big event. As a result they are far more amenable to observing our requests about not blocking the aisles or the view of others in the audience in taking any additional photos they may wish to take." - WELLESLEY COLLEGE (Ann O’Sullivan)

"You have made Commencement easier, more orderly, even happier. I hope that it is now established that you are a Williams tradition."… - WILLIAMS COLLEGE (Fred Rudolph)

"On behalf of the Dunster House staff, and in particular our students and their families, I would like to express our appreciation to the two women assigned to our commencement ceremonies on June 4th. We found them to be polite, professional, considerate and of a (much appreciated) good humor on that most difficult of days."… - HARVARD UNIVERSITY (Stephen J. Hebert)

"As you know, we have been delighted with the service you provide, in every way. The graduates and their parents seem to find the quality of the photos to be excellent, and we find that working with you has reduced the confusion of photography at Commencement even more than we had hoped."… - SIMMONS COLLEGE (Peggy Loeb)

"I don’t remember how many years Notre Dame College and Commencement Photos have been working together. I can tell you, though, that it is always a pleasure working with your company. Your associates are professional and want only to enhance our commencement exercises, never to be a spectacle or disturbance."… - NOTRE DAME (Sr Pauline Lucier)

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